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Carry out visual inspection of the heater fuel supplies and flue installation prior to commencing any service work.

  1. Test the unit before servicing to check the unit operates.
  2. Isolate heater and disconnect from fuel supply.
  3. Remove the burner assembly from the heater.
  4. Check and clean blast tube, flame ring, nozzles, electrodes and holders.
  5. Check and clean high-tension electrode and wiring.
  6. Check and clean isolation probe and UV cell.
  7. Check and clean main burner injectors.
  8. Check and clean all mixing chambers and main burner.
  9. Check and clean fan assembly.
  10. Check air slide pressure switch, transformer and fuel pump.
  11. Check burner to heater seals and bolt welds.
  12. Clean out bottom of heater combustion chamber.
  13. Refit burner assembly
  14. Check all insulation on heater.Heating Service Visit Overview
  15. Remove fireside access panels and pull out any baffles.
  16. Clear dust or debris from inside heater flue ways.
  17. Refit baffles, fit new seal and check security bolts.
  18. Check by-pass pump if fitted.
  19. Check control box and all electrical connections.
  20. Fit side panels and secure. Check flue connection.


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