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Evaporative Coolers offer simple and highly effective cooling for large spaces at a low cost. With regular maintenance, in accordance with the manufacturer’s specifications, you can look forward to years of reliable service.

The critical necessities

There are a number of aspects which are critical to correct operation and servicing.These include:

  1. Ensuring the removal of contaminant build up, it improves performance and prolongs the life of the equipment.
  2. All maintenance and repair work must be performed by trained and qualified technicians.
  3. It is recommended evaporative cooling units have two services, pre-season and post-season.


Visit 1  (Pre-Season Service)

Normally carried out in March / April.The purpose is to clean, check, service and commission the system for summer operation.


  1. Check system is operating correctly in ventilation mode including fan speeds from high to low.When satisfied continue with service.
  2. Remove the four Celdek pads and louvres from the unit.
  3. Isolate the power on the external isolation switch.
  4. Apply cleaning chemical with a brush to the water tank and surrounding areas to remove any build up of salt and scale.
  5. Clean all parts within the unit if necessary, i.e. water pump, water inlet valve, float sensor, water distributor and drain valve.
  6. Rinse thoroughly with water and if necessary repeat chemical clean.
  7. Wash the pads with clean water to remove any dust/dirt build up. Check condition of pads to ensure no algae or scale is present. If necessary clean pads with warm steam.
  8. Switch on the power to the system by the external isolator.
  9. Turn on the water supply to the unit.
  10. Set the controller to cooling mode checking all the working components as the system fills with water.
  11. When the water valve has switched off, check the water level is correct and if necessary adjust the ball valve to suit.
  12. Check all components operate correctly.
  13. Ensure all operating parameters are programmed into the system from the wall controller.
  14. Isolate the power from the external isolator.
  15. Re-fit the Celdek pads and louvres back into the unit and secure as necessary.
  16. Switch on the power to the system.
  17. Operate the unit in cooling mode and check the system is operating and distributing water evenly over the pads.
  18. Set necessary parameters on the electronic wall controller for customer’s summer operation

This work requires access to the roof and the evaporative unit.


quality-stampVisit 2  (End of Season Service)

Normally carried out in October / November.The purpose is to de-commission the cooling system for the winter which involves isolating the water supply to avoid freezing and leaving the system to operate in ventilation only mode.

  1. Isolate water supply to the air cooler.
  2. Using electronic wall controller operate drain valve to empty system.
  3. Run the system in ventilation only mode to check system is operating correctly with the cooling mode switched off (including fan speeds high to low).
  4. Set wall controller parameters to customers operating requirements for winter period (time-clock, fan speeds etc).
  5. If fitted check operation of extract fans (speed controller if fitted).

This work will not require access onto the roof or evaporative unit


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