Service Visits

healthcare for hvac and the Clean Air promiseClean Air go the extra mile

Below you will find an insight as to what we do on a typical service visit. Many items are standard service procedures, or at least should be. But it is just a start.

What makes Clean Air different

Our expert engineers go the extra mile.They attend to many additional items simply because they are conscientious and have the experience to spot them. Items you might only ever know about if they were left unattended.





Our promise is to exceed expectations, not just meet them

You can learn more about the benefits of choosing Clean Air to keep your HVAC in optimum health in our leaflet.

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Service Visits

Want to see what happens on a typical  service contract visit – here’s an overview. It’s all about going beyond expectations. Yes, Clean Air offer exceptionally competitive pricing, but more we will never cut corners.

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