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HVAC healthcare to trust in

HVAC Service and MaintenanceExpert servicing and timely maintenance of HVAC equipment will be a cornerstone of your facilities management plan.

Clean Air are a partner in whose care you can trust. We have been in business over 20 years and experience counts.

Plans for Air Conditioning, Evap Cooling and Heating

We will ensure the continuing performance and reliability of your equipment. We will maintain it’s optimum efficiency, prolong life expectancy and reduce the risk of a costly failure or needless energy use. Along the way we will help ensure you meet Health and Safety regulations and ever more complex heating and air conditioning legislation.

Choose your plan and sit back in the confidence

Our pricing is competitive, our engineers skilled and qualified and that, above all, we care about you as our customer.


We promise better value. Our prices are highly competitive but never at the expense of quality. Expert, experienced and appropriately qualified staff are a given. It is why our customers stay with us and it is why we have been expanding our business for over 25 years. Poor repair, maintenance or service is expensive whatever the cost.
Firm pricing, transparency and honesty are values we hold dear, it is the basis for our partnerships.NO-CALL-OUT-CHARGE
Naturally we do not charge to find out more about our customers and make the right on site air conditioning survey
All labour is warranted for 12 months, equipment for 12 – 36 months, no quibbles.
Service and maintenance schedules will be determined after a full site survey. Having identified your needs, we will consider such aspects as equipment criticality, seasonal adjustments, manufacturers’ recommendations and our own experience.We will then talk through the options and always provide detailed confirmation in writing of your cover.
Relax in the knowledge that our service is reliable, our engineers skilled and our response fast. We do what we say we will, when we say we will.


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