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evaporative cooling

Chill with the Maxima QMD230 Evaporative Cooler. The model to beat.

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Clean Air Group  for Evaporative Cooling and Ventilation…

If you need constant air cooling at a cost effective price, you need an Evaporative Air Conditioner.

If you need a continuous flow of fresh filtered air, you need Evap Cooling.

If you need to displace and expel hot polluted air from your building, you need Evaporative Cooling.

And if you need Evaporative Cooling in the UK, you most certainly need Clean Air.

Clean Air were one of the first to supply commercial evap coolers to the UK. We are the UK distributor for Cool Breeze, manufacturers of the legendary Maxima QMD230 Evaporative Cooler. We design Evap Cooling Systems. We sell air Evap Air Cooling Units.  We install Evap Air Conditioning. And then we support you. Brilliantly.

Call the Clean Air team today and speak to an engineer!  We know all there is to know about evaporative air coolers. Clean Air have the specialist evap cooling expertise to ensure that you get the air cooling, air change and ventilation system that will meet your needs perfectly. For air coolers in the UK, or air cooling service, we will not be beat!

Want to know how Evap Coolers Work? Watch this Video

Evaporative cooling installations work by drawing a constant flow of fresh air over water-saturated pads. As the water evaporates from the pads, it removes the heat from the air. The cooling process is much the same as the feeling you get at the seaside when a sea breeze passes over the ocean.

Not only do evap cooling units act as ‘air chillers’, they also filter dust and pollen, ensuring a breath-easy atmosphere. The constant air flow that is introduced to the premises displaces the hot, contaminated air, pushing it out through roof extract vents or open doors and windows.

The great thing about this cooling and ventilation system is that it uses water as its cooling agent and not potentially harmful chemical refrigerants. No wonder it scores full marks for its environmental credentials.

Evaporative Cooling is the Natural way to Cool and Ventilate 

The cooling process is entirely natural. It uses 100% fresh air and chilled pads (and these are only activated on the rare days that they are needed). By introducing a continual flow of fresh cooled air, heated air complete with pollutants is expelled from the building. Either through roof vents or open windows and doors (yes these can be left open!). This is cooling and ventilation in one highly efficient and economical air change unit. It is not just an environmentally friendly method of air conditioning but also incredibly inexpensive to run and super powerful. For warehouse or factory cooling nothing beats an evaporative cooler,  especially the Cool Breeze Maxima.

For Evaporative Cooling  We are your Perfect Partner

“Clean Air’s experience and expertise in evaporative cooling technologies is immediately obvious. From the earliest days Clean Air has been a leader in the UK and, justifiably, they have earned a formidable reputation not just for the sheer number of units installed, but also their exacting standards”  Dion McConnell, General Manager, Air Group

From warehouse evaporative cooling to factory cooling, office evap air conditioning to air cooling and humidity control for a server room, or shop to sports centre ac coolers, nothing compares with evaporative air conditioning for powerful and cost effective temperature reduction. And nobody compares with Clean Air for expertise or prices. After all we are the UK distributor for Cool Breeze and one of the very first to introduce this incredible technology to the UK.

Evap Cooling from £6000+VAT

Low cost from just £1 a day to run

Even better is its minimal cost. Evap coolers are estimated to use 80% less energy than traditional air conditioning, making them incredibly cheap to run.

A single evaporative cooling unit is sufficient to cool and ventilate up to 360 square metres of space. Installation costs can be just a third of compressor type air conditioners.

The CoolBreeze QMD230 and QAD230 Class Leading Performance

Clean Air are the Official UK distributor for CoolBreeze Evaporative Cooling Systems, manufactured by AirGroup Australia.

The range includes the QMD230 Maxima and the  QAD230. The QMD230 and QAD230 are the only evaporative coolers in the UK with published BSRIA performance results.

The CoolBreeze QMD230 Maxima The Latest Evolution of the Legendary QAD230

The QMD230 Maxima features a new inverter motor. Powerful, ultra efficient and quiet, the Maxima delivers up to 3mof fresh filtered air every second.*

Choose Evaporative Cooling  Here are 10 Good Reasons Why

  1. An evap cooler can lower the temp of 360 m2 by up to 16°C
  2. An evap cooler costs from £1 a day to runevaporative-cooling-in-action
  3. Evap cooling is environmentally friendly, containing no CFCs
  4. Supplies a constant fresh air ventilation, not recirculated stale air
  5. Evap cooling units can be used with roller doors and windows open
  6. Evap coolers can consume approx. 80% less power than air con
  7. Evaporative cooling systems are easy to install
  8. Evap coolers have superb spot-cooling capability
  9. Evaporative coolers operates quietly
  10. An evap cooling unit costs from just £6000 +vat inc. installation


Find out more about the QAD230 evap cooler


Find out more about the QMD230 Maxima evap cooler

maxima evaporative cooling air con



Clean Air - the natural choice for Evaporative Cooling

Few cooling technologies in the workplace have been as revolutionary or important as evaporative cooling. Clean Air were one of the first HVAC companies in the UK to recognise how this simple technology would change the world of cooling – be it for factories, warehouses, offices, server rooms or sports centres.

Evap cooling units from £1 per day to runThe story began back in 1998 with Clean Air’s first installation. Since then it has perhaps installed more evaporative cooling units than any other HVAC company in the UK. The head start provided Clean Air with advantages. Not least the opportunity to work with various manufacturers and assist in the development of evaporative cooling technologies. This culminated five years ago in the choice of Cool Breeze as it’s preferred supplier, and the formalisation of its status as the sole UK distributor for the brand.

Endorsing the decision, Dion McConnell, General Manager, Air Group Australia said:

“The choice of Clean Air as the sole UK distributor for CoolBreeze was actually very easy for us. Clean Air’s experience and expertise in evaporative cooling technologies is immediately obvious. From the earliest days Clean Air has been a leader in the UK and, justifiably, they have earned a formidable reputation not just for the sheer number of units they have installed, but also for their exacting standards on site. As important is after sales care. Outstanding service and support is an essential element in our choice of partner. Clean Air simply set such exemplary standards others are left to follow.”


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“Clean Air’s evaporative coolers have made the environment in our factory considerably more comfortable to work in providing cool air at a considerably lower energy cost with less environmental impact than air con”

Sam Jordan | Projects and Environmental Manager | European Oat Miller Ltd., April 2017


* Fan performance 10,781 m3/hr (100% fan speed corrected for standard temperature and pressure of 20 degrees C and 1013 mBar). As tested at BSRIA 6 June 2019.