Warm Air Heaters


Powrmatic Powrmaster Warm Air Heating

Warm air heating will handle the extremes of our environment with ease

Let Clean Air warm your heart and workplace

Cost effective and powerful, warm air heaters will win over both accountants and warehouse staff. As their name suggests, warm air systems work by blowing warm air into the space that needs heating. The warm air can be free-blowing — meaning that it is simply projected into the room — or channeled through ducts, giving a more targeted outlet.

The right solution

The range of warm air heaters in vast, but whichever warm air heating system we recommend you can be sure that it will be the right solution for you. Warm air heat is ideal for most industrial and commercial applications. The energy-efficient burner options
 are capable of achieving
 efficiencies of more than 91% nett – the result is lower running costs and carbon emissions. Warm air heaters are reliable and robust  – our long-life aluminized
 steel heat exchangers provide maximum design
 flexibility since they can be installed as 
suspended, floor-standing or 
external units.


Oil Fired Cabinet Heater

Power and reliability

Gas unit heater

Economical to run

Downflow Gas Unit heater

Flexible spot heating

Bi-Directional Gas Unit Heater

Modular flexibility to meet precise requirements


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Benson Ambirad heating guides


Benson / Ambirad Heating Technical Guides

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UESA  High Efficiency Condensing Unit Heaters

PV  High Efficiency Cabinet Heaters

External Cabinet Heaters  Gas & Oil Fired Heaters

Cabinet Heaters  Gas & Oil Fired Vertical, Horizontal and Downflow Heaters

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