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As one of the UK's leaders in Evaporative Cooling, we have numerous case studies that demonstrate our extensive experience in all types of installation. They range from large and small scale set ups to complex and simple installations (where the design and fabrication of a building will be an influencing factor).

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Rodenstock: the height of cool…

Rodenstock’s 52,000 square-foot production facility is divided into six production departments, three of which became unbearably hot in the summer.

Evap Cooling Fresh Cool Air Distribution Following our successful trial of portable mobile evaporative coolers, it was decided that a permanent solution using the same technology was the way forward. Clean Air has now installed two evaporative coolers into each of the three production halls, to dramatic effect.

Now the 100 employees who work in the affected areas enjoy a comfortable working environment. Fresh cooled air travels via ducts to air diffusers while hot air is expelled and temperatures are reduced.

Ultimate control from office cooling to factory floor ventilation

The wall-mounted climate-control units offer four different modes for precise cooling control. Timer mode switches units on an hour before production begins at 6.00 am and turns them off when the factory closes at 2.00 am. In Auto mode, the system monitors the temperature and automatically increases or decreases the fan speed to maintain a comfortable temperature. Fan mode provides the option of operating the system as a ventilator.

Factory cooling for the benefit of all

‘Rodenstock’s management wanted to provide its employees with a better working environment”, says Marie Wren, Managing Director of Clean Air Group. ‘We knew exactly what was needed: evaporative cooling — a simple, safe and low cost solution for the cooling of people and processes.’

Rodenstock are a fan

‘Evaporative cooling is a first-rate system for a number of reasons… it provides cooled fresh air as well as natural ventilation, and in addition to being cost-effective, quick and easy to install, and low-maintenance, it is also environmentally friendly.’   Andy Cobbold, Production Director, Rodenstock