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As well as it's very low running and capital costs, Evaporative Cooling is a remarkably flexible means of cooling a warehouse, factory, office, shop, sports hall or server room. Any number of units can be linked or independently controlled to provide individual cooling to specific areas.

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High performance cooling at half the cost, that’s the Clean Air way at Chesapeake…

Chesapeake is an international supplier of innovative cartons and plastic packaging, labels and leaflets. The machining area for plastic bottling was becoming uncomfortably heated and Chesapeake wanted an alternative to the solution that had been proposed – a ventilation only system quoted at around £100K. After seeing Clean Air’s website, it’s design engineers were invited to quote on a solution which involved evaporative cooling.

Seven, the magic number…

The answer came in the form of seven Cool Breeze QAD230 units to be installed through the centre of the factory that formed individually controlled cooling zones over the operational aEvap Cooling at Chesapeakerea. The results are impressive, cool fresh air is continually circulated and polluted heated air expelled. Just one unit can lower the internal temperature of 360m2 by up to 16 degrees C, and so it came as no surprise that Chesapeake report that the reach of the cooling has surpassed expectations.

And half the cost of the competition…

Furthermore, despite a challenging installation where the landlord would not allow penetration of the recently reclad roof, the complete solution has been delivered at around half the cost of an alternative ‘ventilation only’ quote from the competition.

Chesapeake have now asked Clean Air to look at their office cooling.