Radiant Heating

Plaque radiant heater

This commonly used plaque radiant heater reflects infrared radiation directly down to warm the occupied areas where and when it is required. It is the perfect solution to heat the large, hard to heat, areas of a commercial or public building.

powrmatic Radiant heating tube

Radiant single and double tube gas fired tube heaters ranging from 15kW to 94kW. Ideal for total or zone or spot heating for factories, warehouses, sports halls, schools, in fact any retail, industrial or commercial heating application that requires direct heat and warmth.

Powrmatic PQ-A3F Electric Quartz Infrared Heater 3 phase

New from Powrmatic, this Electric Quartz Infrared Space Heater features integral heat sinks and a smooth parabolic reflector. With three phase wiring and power that is configurable up to 18kW, it is perfect for heating large factory floor areas with high ceilings. The warmth can be felt up to 15 metres above floor level and heat coverage to an area up to 131.8 square metres.

Simple and so very easy to install…

The infra-red gas heaters we supply are clean, energy efficient, low-maintenance and fast to install. They provide a simple and effective solution to the commercial heating requirements of a wide range of premises including workshops and warehouses, factories and food processors, schools and sports centres…

Instant heat where you need it

Radiant heaters work by transmitting infra-red energy which is converted into heat when absorbed by objects; that heat in turn warms the surrounding area.

This kind of heating is versatile: because the energy is turned into heat only when it comes into contact with solid objects, radiant heating technology is effective both indoors and outdoors. Because cold surfaces begin to warm up first, the heat migrates to where it is most needed. Radiant heating is also highly efficient because, unlike other methods of heating, very little heat is lost into the atmosphere.

The right choice for commercial heating everywhere  

As a reliable, efficient and simple heating solution, radiant heating has proved a popular choice for all manner of large hard to heat commercial or public buildings, such as churches, aircraft hangers and educational



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