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It’s time to act…

Of all the changes in HVAC regulations, perhaps the one with the most impact is the introduction of European legislative requiring the phase-down of HFCs. This culminated in a 1 January 2015 deadline, at which point it became unlawful for anyone to service or maintain their air conditioning system using R22 refrigerant gas.

If your air conditioning equipment was installed before 2003 it is likely that you are affected and, like thousands of businesses, the priority will be to replace existing air conditioning equipment with a new cleaner, high efficiency system.

A planned approaR22-click-for-helpch to R22 now will ensure that your HVAC system is legally compliant, sustainable, energy-efficient and reliable. What is more, the latest climate control technologies will help reduce your energy costs and carbon emissions. They may also make your building more attractive to future tenants or at re-sale.

The thR22-optionsree options…

If you have air conditioning using R22, there are three fundamental choices. The good news is that the first two can be a win-win for you with big savings on running costs, a fast return on investment and, potentially, a more productive workplace.

1. Partial replacement  The ban on R22 does not necessarily mean you have will have to replace the entire air conditioning system. There are solutions available that re-use the pipework, sometimes the indoor fan coils and usually the in-situ control wiring. Clean Air are the experts at this. Replacing only the indoor and outdoor units can mean capital cost savings of up to 55%, and because new units are highly efficient, with energy saving features, they can very quickly repay capital outlay. This, combined with significantly enhanced comfort levels in the workplace and large carbon savings, makes for a strong case for this option.

2. Replace with new energy efficient system  The massive incentive of a new air conditioning system is a big reduction in running costs. Modern inverter units can be over 50%* more efficient than older R22 systems that are fixed speed. See the typical example below, running cost savings result in the capital cost being repaid within just two and a half years. Another significant factor will be a reduced risk of downtime to your business.

The third option is to use a drop-in refrigerant. In our view these are rarely a sensible choice for reasons of reliability, performance and the availability/cost of R22 spare parts/maintenance.

Big saR22-free-projection-savingsvings and a fast return on investment

The big incentive of a new air conditioning system is a significant saving on energy running costs. The Connells Group, for example, expect to save over £150,000 a year on running costs and halve their carbon emissions across their 203 branches. The illustration below shows the dividends of investing a in new high efficiency system.

In all cases we would expect the significant savings of running and maintaining a new and efficient air conditioning system to quickly outweigh its capital cost. A free audit and projection of financial and carbon savings is available upon request.

Improve productivity…

A comfortable, more controllable working environment also has financial benefits. Research** shows it can improve productivity, lower absenteeism and help staff morale. See the studies here

MELF finance…R22-MELF

We are a Mitsubishi business solutions partner. The Mitsubishi MELFinance Solutions scheme can offer beneficial rates (in our view) which may well be of interest***. R22 BAN IN AIR CON

FREE  R2R22-free-air-con-audit2 air conditioning audit…

To develop a cost-effective strategy for compliance we will need to assess the equipment you have. This way we can help you decide if you are better to adapt your existing air conditioning system or replace it. More often than not, the big savings on running costs mean that replacement is the better option.

Get going with Clean Air…

Replacement work is easily scheduled and managed with minimal downtime. Call or email us now for your FREE site survey. With a sound strategy in place, we will manage the refit of the new system and the disposal of the R-22, all with minimal disruption to your workplace.

Potential Savings for your pocket and the planet

A 10kW R22 air conditioning system installed in an office environment 15 years ago would have cost £1680†per year to run when new (at a current electricity tariff). Typically this would now cost £298†more each year. If this system were replaced with a new Mitsubishi R410A air conditioning system, it is possible savings could be made so the system would only cost £1283†a year to operate, giving a ROI in just under two and a half years.

New Air Conditioning: What are the savings?

The next generation of refrigerants

The new kids on the block are HFO blends, CO2 and most significantly R32 – a single component refrigerant which is easier to reuse and recycle. Manufacturers are leading the way with new products and new ways of adapting existing systems to use these new refrigerants. For more information talk to an R22 advisor at Clean Air.


Downloadable Guides here to help

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The DETR / DTI also publish an R22 guide which is available here

A Mitsubishi ‘Case to Replace’ pdf guide is available here

HVAC legislation the other bits you need to know

Follow these links to other major legislation and compliance issues you may not be familiar with.

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* Figures are based on nominal conditions taken from the Mitsubishi Electric City Multi Databook 2011
** NASA study found that at an effective temperature of 85 degrees there was an 18% loss in work output and a 40% loss in accuracy. The Occupational Safety & Health Administration suggests a work environment with a high temperature can reduce productivity by up to 20 minutes in every hour
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† Source: Mitsubishi Electric Audit Tool, detailed within ‘Planned Approach’ section.