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Super Cool at the 2019 Facilities Show

Our visitors must have had an inkling that we were in for a record beating heatwave this summer! Although we also had heating on show the primary focus this year was very much on how to keep cool in the workplace.

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Commercial Cooling on showIt was all about evaporative cooling, air conditioning and ventilation this year.

Centre stage and receiving the most attention was the new Cool Breeze Maxima QMD230 evaporative cooler. Fresh back from testing at BSRIA it boasts mighty impressive performance figures.

Much is down to the new inverter motor on the Maxima. Operating at 92% efficiency the running costs are up to 30% lower when compared to the standard motor. Inverter technology also lowers minimum speeds making airflows more controllable with reduced noise levels.

If you need evaporative cooling or air conditioning to keep cool at work during the summer highs call Clean Air.

No matter what your premises – factory, warehouse, office, server centre, school, sports centre, shop – we are ready to help.

What is more, because we are experts in both cooling and heating we can offer truly integrated climate control solutions that will create a comfortable environment all year around.


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