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RWM 2019: showcase to the best in climate control

Thank you to all visitors to our stand at the 2019 RWM exhibition and conference. We were delighted to showcase the latest in commercial cooling, heating and ventilation. These are systems that provide outstanding performance in the most demanding of environments but are also very energy efficient.

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It was a delight to meet with existing and prospective clients from the recycling and waste management industries. This is a sector that has some very specific and demanding requirements for climate control. Our engineers were pleased to be able to share their CAG-Cooling-and-heating-standyears of experience to address the various questions that arose.

Naturally, energy efficiency was among the most frequent requirements. Also robust plant that is capable of providing years of trouble free service and minimal downtimes in a tough and testing environment.

We were able to show visitors, live on stand, some of the units that will meet the high demands that will be made of them. These are the leaders in cooling and heating that set the benchmark not just for their superb performance but also their reliability and efficient use of energy.

Take the latest evaporative air conditioner from CoolBreeze – the Maxima QMD230. It takes cooling to the max and it certainly took our visitors by storm!

Live and working on stand, we were able to demonstrate the difference it can make – even in an exhibition hall.

maxima evap cooling

Powerful, ultra efficient and quiet, it features a new inverter driven motor that runs at just 3.75A and can lower running costs by up to 33% compared to the standard QAD230 motor.†

It can also deliver up to 3mof fresh filtered air every second.*

Inverter technology lowers minimum speeds providing precise control of airflow for added comfort and reduced noise.

Evaporative cooling is not just an incredibly energy efficient way to cool and ventilate large spaces, when it comes to CSR it is also green to its core becauses it uses water and not CFC’s to cool.

It can also be used with open roller shutter doors or windows which proved of popular appeal to the recycling and waste management industries.


* Fan performance 10,781 m3/hr (100% fan speed corrected for standard temperature and pressure of 20 degrees C and 1013 mBar). † Comparing the CoolBreeze Maxima QMD230 with the standard non inverter CoolBreeze QAD230 motor. As tested at BSRIA 6 June 2019.