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PPMA Show Review. What’s hot and cool right now!

With winter fast approaching we expected most visitors would be interested in how best to keep factories, warehouses, shops or offices warm. But while commercial heating was definitely a hot topic, the buzz around the new Coolbreeze Maxima evaporative cooler was the real show stopper.

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For Clean Air this years PPMA Total Show was all about showcasing the latest innovations in climate control.

The new range of Powrmatic heaters were of particular interest to visitors. These units have quickly established themselves as the benchmark for energy efficiency and performance. From warm air blowers to radiant heaters, destratification fans to hot air curtains, our engineers were able to advise visitors on just which range of heaters were likely to be the best kit and fit for their workplace.

We also also featured a few of the latest air conditioning units from Mitsubishi. Their ability to provide total climate control for optimum comfort through all the seasons was a particular draw. Also the new refrigerant R32.

R32 was recently introduced in the UK to supersede R410A (R32 actually makes up 50% of R410A already) and air conditioning systems that use R32 have the advantage that they use up to 20% less refrigerant than R410A equivalents. Evap-cooling-at-PPMABecause they are more efficient they have lower carbon emissions and lower energy costs. It’s a big change and a big step forward forward as we move to lower Global Warming Potential (GWP) refrigerants or systems with a lower refrigerant volume. Look out for our blog on this coming soon…

But it was the new Coolbreeze Maxima evaporative cooler  that again caused the big stir of our show. Though autumn is well underway and winter fast approaching, our visitors were obviously thinking ahead to warmer times and climes. And the Maxima makes a compelling case to do so…

For cooling and ventilating large spaces nothing else really compares. Each unit can cool 360 square meters by up to 16 degrees C and uses around 80% less power than some of the traditional forms of air conditioning. Powerful and low cost, the Maxima can deliver up to 3 cubic metres of fresh filtered air every second.

On the inside, it is the new inverter motor that is the big feature. Not just quiet in operation it also costs up to 33% less to run compared with the original.†


* Fan performance 10,781 m3/hr (100% fan speed corrected for standard temperature and pressure of 20 degrees C and 1013 mBar). As tested at BSRIA 6 June 2019.

† Comparing the CoolBreeze Maxima QMD230 with the standard CoolBreeze QAD230 without an inverter motor.