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PPMA Show Review: New Maxima evap cooler and Powrmatic heaters

It was great to see so many at the NEC at the PPMA show in September. Visitors were rewarded with a vast array of production technologies, among them were Clean Air showcasing the latest air conditioning, evap cooling and heating units.

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High efficiency space heating

Of seasonal interest, as we move to the colder months ahead, were the ultra efficient range of commercial heaters from manufacturer Powrmatic. From warm air blowers to radiant heaters – the talk was all about how to heat spaces – large or small – in the most reliable, robust and cost effective way. After all snow is already being forecast for the winter!

evap cooler_Maxima

The new Maxima Evaporative Cooling unit with an inverter motor that can reduce costs by up to 30% compared to the standard motor.

evaporative cooling

Impressive! Just 3 of the 4 new, high efficiency pads fitted and still a 5.3 degree drop on indoor temp inside the NEC

This year Clean Air had a very special treat for visitors. Just arrived in the UK and live on our stand was the new Cool Breeze Maxima QMD230 evaporative cooler. It features an all new inverter motor. Operating at 92% efficiency, the new motor lowers running costs by up to 30% compared to the standard motor. Inverter technology also lowers minimum speeds making airflows more controllable with reduced noise levels.

Why not call Clean Air to see how the impressive Maxima QMD230 evap cooler, or indeed the latest space heater, could benefit your workplace. Our engineers are available for a free site survey on 01327 301383 or by reply online.