Evap cooling creates a buzz at 2018 Facilities Show!

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Cooling and heating at Facilities show 2018

Air Conditioning and Cooling Facilities Show 2018



This years Facilities Show proved to be another great event. Visitors flocked to our stand to see the latest cooling products. Or perhaps it was simply to cool down – because live and working – we had the the latest evolution of the CoolBreeze QAD230 evaporative cooler. Boasting a new super efficient and powerul MAXIMA inverter motor, this incredible factory, office and data centre cooler is even more impressive than ever!

The proof was there for all to see. Live on stand ourvisitors were able to see and experience a near 6 degree drop from the indoor temperature. And this with only 3 out of the 4 water soaked pads fitted! It made our job very easy, after all there’s no betterway to see just why this is the perfect way to cool anoverheated building!