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John Crane

By far the majority of our new installations are a result of repeat business or client recommendation, at last count around 75%. This was the case for John Crane, who began their relationship with Clean Air upon the recommendation of another. They took the time to view other heating and cooling systems that we had installed, something we are always happy to arrange. Now, as another happy Clean Air client, John Crane will be able to provide the same reassurance to our new prospective customers.

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It’s a cool solution all round at John Crane…

It was our client Hewland Engineering that recommended us to John Crane, a leading company that provides engineered products and services to a range of industries, including oil, gas, chemicals and pharmaceuticals. That introduction marked he beginning of a fruitful partnership.

The winners of the 2006 Queens Award for Enterprise, John Crane is part of the global engineering business Smiths Group, which employ about 22,000 people in over 50 countries. The company called on our expertise to lower temperatures in its stores and machining areas. Just four weeks later, twelve Cool Breeze QAD230 units had been fitted, alongside a pair of extractor fans that compliment the existing passive roof ventilation units. Each Cool Breeze unit is individually controlled to provide different temperature zones between the areas

Now staff enjoy a cool work environment and benefit from the natural fresh air that is continually introduced and circulated around the factory floor. In fact, so effective was our system that John Crane soon realised that the factory had become a more comfortable environment than the large open-plan offices.

John Crane Evap Cooling From factory floor to office

The offices were being cooled by an old water chiller that supplied numerous indoor fan coils. Like many air-conditioning units predating 2002, it used R22 as its refrigerant. That posed a problem, because virgin R22 is now prohibited for servicing or maintenance. Another problem was reliability: regular breakdowns were causing high running and maintenance costs.

Cool energy savings of up to 80%

Having visited another Clean Air installation at Scantech, John Crane accepted our recommendation to install evaporative cooling in the offices. Soon four Cool Breeze QAD230 units had transformed the workplace. Cool, fresh air is now delivered through flexible spiral ducting that terminates in numerous grilles within the suspended ceiling throughout the office. Not only have we achieved contented staff and a comfortable working environment, we have helped John Crane to make energy savings of up to 80% and to lower maintenance costs — an important contribution to meeting the company’s environmental targets.

And then server room

We have now turned our attention to John Crane’s large server room, where the air-conditioning system needs updating. A Cool Breeze evaporative cooling system is being designed to provide reliable and cost-effective cooling within a closely controlled environment.