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A cut above the rest…

Clean Air Group have been awarded the coveted status of Mitsubishi Diamond Quality Partner (DQP) for air conditioning, ventilation and heating. It is the highest available partnering status and recognises unrivalled achievement of industry excellence.

Only those committed to excellence can achieve DQP status…

Mitsubishi Electric DQP endorsement means our customers can be assured of the highest standards in the industry. Stringent audits independently validate air conditioning, ventilation and heating installation and commissioning. This also includes maintenance and servicing, health and safety and a dedicated focus on corporate social responsibility. Copies of the audit standards can be made available to prospective customers as an independent and tangible benchmark of performance.

All DQP accreditations and certifications are independently audited by industry experts.

Mitsubishi HVAC diamond quality partnerHighest Level of Endorsement

DQP status recognises the alignment of Clean Air with Mitsubishi Electric’s standards and commitment to excellence

Audited Installations for Added Confidence

Whether design, installation or aftercare, customers can be assured that our standards have been independently checked and validated by experts

Engaging with end-user customers of every size

As customers consider their supply chain, in line with corporate accountability, they can be assured of consistently high levels of service from endorsed DQPs

Expert Design, Installation and Maintenance

Clean Air have access to a range of advanced Mitsubishi Electric tools to monitor and optimise system design for lifelong performance.

“Diamond Quality Partners are truly a cut above the rest”

Mitsubishi Electric Partner Programme Booklet, June 2017

What makes a Diamond Quality Partner different…

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