Low Mounted Air Conditioners

low-mounted-air-conditioningSometimes a low floor or wall mounted air conditioner is preferable to one installed at a high level. They are often a great option for a dwarf wall in a conservatory, or a room with vaulted ceilings,  or simply to occupy a space under a window where a radiator might otherwise sit. The other big advantage is that they are easier to position out of primary sight lines. These are often important considerations and will outweigh the price premium over high level wall air conditioners.

In common with the latest range of heat pump inverter technology air conditioners, they will heat as well as cool. It is not uncommon to have  clients use them in place of a conventional radiator.  After all they promise a perfect temperature whatever the season and can often be the more energy efficient way to warm a room.

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Two of the Best Low Level Air Conditioners

The Mitsubishi Electric MFZ-KJ Series

A striking, compact, asymmetric Mitsubishi MFZ-KJ-Floor-Mounted-air conMitsubishi MFZ-KJ-Floor-Mounted-remote controllerMITSIBUSHI-LOW-LEVEL-AIR-CONDITIONER-FLOOR-WALL-MOUNTdesign cloaks technology that make the MFZ-KJ Series an extremely versatile and capable air conditioner.

There are three features which make this an outstanding air conditioner

First is the auto swing vane. The MFZ-KJ air conditioner deploys three unique shaped vanes to ensure optimum air distribution for a more natural airflow throughout the room. This means it performs brilliantly, as a cooler or as a heater. A clever addition is the hot start for draft prevention.

Second, the MFZ-KJ features a clever Econo Cool setting that allows the set temperature to be raised by 2 degrees C without a loss of comfort but can offer a 20% gain in energy efficiency.

Finally, it has an effective Anti-Allergy Enzyme filter – artificial enzymecatalyst on the filament – to help catch allergens, dust and odours.




The Daikin Nexura FVXG-K


Daikin Emura - FTXJ-MSDaikin Nexmura RemoteThe Nexura retains the familiar and stylish Daikin curves. As a design statement it is a winner, and certainly stands out from the crowd aesthetically speaking.

More importantly perhaps, under the hood of this low level air conditioner, are features that mean it performs a treat too. Daikin market the Nexura as ‘the best of two worlds united’.  It is easy to see why given its obvious capabilities in both the cooling and heating departments.

Key Features that make the Nexura stand out

When it comes to heating the Nexura has an ace up its sleeve. It features a unique aluminium part to the front panel that warms and radiates heat, just like a traditional radiator.

The rapid cooling or heating mode is also very effective for when instant an boost – either to warm or cool – is required.

The titanium apatite deodorising filter is also worth a mention. It helps capture harmful organic chemical substances such as bacteria, viruses and allergens, airborne dust particles and remove unwanted odours.

Finally, you will certainly appreciate the low noise levels. As little as 22dB(A) in cooling mode, and 19dB(A) in radiant heat mode. Not bad, considering ambient sound in a quiet room may average around 40dB(A).

It can be wall mounted, or recessed in to it,  and at just 600 mm high it is usually a perfect fit beneath a window. When installed as VRV for residential application, up to 9 indoor units can be individually be operated within the same mode and connected to just one outdoor unit. Product Features



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