Air Curtains

Industrial and Commercial Air Curtains to suit your HVAC system and building

Air curtains help to retain heat and cool air in buildings that have their doors open for long periods at a time. Effectively a fan that blows evenly across the threshold, an air curtain creates a ‘wall’ of air that maintains the temperature inside a building. Whether you choose to heat the air by electricity or hot water, or leave it at ambient temperature, the air curtain will minimize draughts and heat-loss and help to conserve energy, potentially cutting your billAir Curtain in Actions by 30%.

Suitable for many applications

Air curtains are effective for entrances up to six metres high and are particularly suitable for shops, warehouses, distribution centres or factories where doors are in constant use. Situated above or to the side of the opening, they can be surface-mounted or recessed into suspended or plasterboard ceilings.

An effective air wall needs an evenly distributed barrier of air to reach the other side of the doorway. This could require a high velocity, low volume system, or maybe a low velocity, high volume unit.

Style and function

There is a great choice of finishes and functions, too: functional for factories or stylish for offices, with remote electronic control systems to govern heat and fan speed, optional door sensors, and links to control several units together or to moderate the air stream on double doors when one door is shut.

In other words, air curtains can be customized to suit your specific requirements. Just leave it to us: our design engineers would be delighted to advise on the most cost-effective solution.

Air Curtain Features

Properly designed and installed, air curtains:

  • prevents escape of hot or cold air
  • save up to 30% on heating costs
  • can be used without heat to retain cool
  • link to HVAC system for up to 50% energy savings
  • can lower HVAC maintenance costs
  • can reduce carbon emissions
  • can recirculate hot air to floor level
  • can be integrated into a BMS system
  • can include thermostatic controls
  • can be modified for single phase connection
  • ensures clear access to and from premises
  • keeps staff and customers comfortable and draught-free


Integrated retail air curtain

Integrated retail air curtain

Ambirad air curtain at an office

Ambirad air curtain at an office


Air Curtains, simple but highly effective