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Integrating HVAC technologies is a particular skill of our design engineers. They have the experience and independence to consider the bigger picture when it comes to balancing the needs to heat and cool your premises. Our HVAC engineers know the technologies that work well together, or can achieve the brief in their own right. At Tunstall, for example, the Mitsubishi Multi Heat Recovery VRF system offered a simple and efficient solution to alternating heating and cooling to maintain a consistently comfortable workplace.

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Tunstall: we’ll be back…

It was the Clean Air website that piqued the interest of Tunstall. They invited us to design and quote for a new system to replace their seven ageing Hamworthy LPG boilers, which provided heating for offices and part of the production area.

Our solution comprised four of the latest energy efficient Hamworthy fully modulating condensing pre-mix boilers, stacked in pairs to save space. Featuring low water content, rapid response, and ultra low standing losses, the units delivered European Class 5 performance for NOx emissions.

A new ‘low loss’ flue header system specifically optimized for condensing and high efficiency boiler applications was matched to the boiler modules. We rounded things off by fitting a new shunt pump and a system-integrated control panel. The result was an easily controlled heating system with outstanding performance efficiency.

Back… with air conditioning for production areas

Tunstall was so pleased with our work that we were asked to quote for replacing some rooftop packaged air-handling units that provided cooling and heating to part of the production area, and for rationalizing the design to include additional cooling to the remaining production areas.

We recommended ten Mitsubishi twin split air-conditioning systems using inverter technology to match output to the exact requirement of the premises. The units save energy by preventing over-heating or over-cooling, leading to a great reduction in running costs.

Back… with heating and cooling for offices

Following this success, we were invited back to design a heating and cooling system for additional offices that were being refurbished. This time our solution was a Mitsubishi Electric City Multi Heat Recovery VRF system, comprising numerous indoor fan coils connected to high-efficiency outdoor condensing units — a simple, efficient and flexible answer to the need to alternate heating and cooling in order to maintain a constant and comfortable working environment.

And back… with fresh air cooling and ventilation for the canteen

Finally, Clean Air was asked to look at Tunstall’s canteen, a very large space that got extremely hot in the summer. High power cooling was a necessity, but another priority was for fresh air. We installed two Cool Breeze QAD230 evaporative cooling units, complete with ducting and grilles strategically placed to deliver cooling exactly where required. Cool filtered fresh air is drawn through the canteen, constantly replacing stale heated air which is expelled through roof vents. The result is a comfortable place to eat or work, however hot the sun.

The Tunstall projects allowed us to showcase the breadth of our expertise, as well as the very best of HVAC design. Effective, efficient and completed over just three months, our solutions have proved a tremendous success. And the Clean Air engineers have become trusted partners to the Tunstall team.