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Clean Air create the perfect environment inside  Whatever the weather outside 

Comfortably cool for the summer and toasty in the winter.  All year round, come snow or shine, air conditioning offers the perfect temperature in your home. 


Air Conditioning  For Comfort at Home 

Better Living 

Stylish, quiet and powerful, our range of air conditioners are the perfect way to keep your home at a comfortable temperature, whatever the weather.  All day and all night our stylish air conditioners maintain an optimal climate.  And with their powerful performance, yet miserly energy consumption, you can enjoy precise cooling and heating for a surprisingly small cost. 

Better Working 

As home offices become the new norm, so too the importance of creating a comfortable and productive place in which to work.  Forget hot and stuffy.  You need a climate control system that closely monitors the temperature and humidity to maintain it just as you would wish.  It is a wise investment.  Do not delay!  Call us today and then leave the rest to our experienced engineers.  Very soon you will be enjoying a beautifully air conditioned home office.  One that rivals the very best you may have at work. 

Better Sleep

Want a peaceful nights sleep on a hot airless summers night?  Clean Air have just the air conditioner for you.  One that will quietly get on and regulate the temperature of your bedroom and will not create bothersome drafts.  Do not loose another nights sleep!  For air conditioned bliss in the bedroom, call Clean Air today and book your free survey!

Better Air

Air conditioning uses an array of technologies to purify and clean the air.  They help ensure that your home is a healthy space in which to live or work.  Such features as a dual barrier coating that keeps out dust and grease, and a ‘titanium apatite’ or ‘plasma quad plus’ filter (from Daikin and Mitsubishi respectively) that helps render bacteria and pollutants harmless and removes unwanted microparticles and moulds.  Welcome news for asthma and hay fever sufferers, and actually anyone concerned about the quality of the air that they breathe indoors.

Air Conditioning cools, heats and purifies  Using heat pump technology

Nothing beats a decent home air conditioning system on a sweltering summer day.  It quickly cools a hot and stuffy home to create a comfortable oasis where you can live, work and sleep well.

Then, during the freezing months of winter, our air conditioners will heat your home as effectively as they cooled it in summer.

And all the while, as the air conditioners cool or heat, they will be busy filtering the air to trap allergens, odours and microscopic dust particles.  Purifying and cleaning it for a healthier atmosphere.  Who could argue, in current climes, of the importance in that?


benefits of domestic air conditioning at home


A few of our favourite Air Conditioners  

Mitsubishi MSZ-LN r32 Wall Mounted Air Conditioner

Mitsubishi MSZ-LN Wall Air Conditioner

Mitsubishi MSZ_LN_brochure
Mitsubishi MSZ-EF r32 Zen Wall Air Conditioner

Mitsubishi MSZ-EF (Zen) Wall Air Conditioner

Mitsubishi MSZ_EF-Zen-Air-Conditioner


Mitsubishi Wall Air Conditioner

Mitsubishi Ceiling Mounted Air Conditioner
Daikin wall mounted air conditioner

Daikin Emura Wall Air Conditioner

Mitsubishi MFZ-KJ-Floor-Mounted-air con

Mitsubishi MFZ-KJ Low Level Air Conditioner

Mitsubishi MFZ floor or low level mount air conditioner brochure download

Daikin Nexura Low Level Air Conditioner

Daikin Nexura Low Level Air Conditioner

Download Daikin Nexura pdf brochure


Mitsubishi SEZ-R32 Ceiling Concealed Ducted air conditioning system

SEZ-R32 Compact Ceiling Concealed Ducted AC

ducted-air-con download

Mitsibushi Mr-Slim-SLZ-Ceiling-Cassette Air Conditioner

Mr-Slim SLZ Ceiling Cassette Air Conditioner

download Mitsubishi ducted and ceiling mount air conditioning pdf brochure



download Mitsubishi Lossnay heat recovery pdf brochure

The remarkable Mitsubishi Lossnay, click image to find out more


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