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Yes, we do Domestic Works!

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Why Air Condition Your Home?

Stylish, quiet and powerful, the latest range of air conditioners are the perfect way to keep your home at a comfortable temperature, whatever the weather.

For better living during the day

The truth is our homes have become are not just a sanctuary to live in, but increasingly our places of leisure and now to home work.

During the day you will appreciate the opportunity to regulate the temperate of your living space to perfection. It may be swelteringly hot outside, but inside you can chill and forget. Our systems not only cool the air, they can also filter it and reduce humidity and moisture levels. This can improve air quality for hay fever or asthma sufferers. Some even offer fresh air ventilation and heat recovery.

And for a comfortable nights sleep

There’s no doubt that to get a good night’s sleep it is better to have a bedroom that is consistently at the right temperature and humidity.  Not too hot, or too cold. The latest air conditioners are whisper quiet and highly efficient. What better for a good night’s sleep? Open windows maybe great for instant ventilation, but they are also a security worry. They can also be drafty and are not able to maintain a constant optimum temperature.

And then when you go to work …

These days you are as likely to need a comfortable environment when working from home, as when you are in the kitchen, living room or bedroom. But, as in a regular office, you’ll find yourself more productive if your home environment is the right temperature. Forget ‘home to home’! Very soon you can be enjoying an environment in your home office that is more like a ‘work to work’! Keep your cool and leave it all to Clean Air. Book a Free Survey Today

Why Clean Air?

For optimum comfort at home, there is no better way to stay cool at home than with an air conditioner. Especially with an air conditioner installed by Clean Air.

Clean Air have been providing first class air conditioning, ventilation and heating solutions for over thirty years.  Our  highly trained engineers are some of the best in the business. So if you want help choosing an air conditioner that’s top notch, choose Clean Air!

Our engineers will visit your home and recommend the right air conditioning unit or system for you. We offer a nationwide service. Book a Free Survey Here!

Domestic Air Conditioners from just £1750+vat (including installation)

For a remarkably small outlay an installed air conditioning system will help you regulate the temperature of your living space to keep it comfortable, day or night. This is especially important as heatwaves arrive in the UK with ever increasing frequency, and temperatures soar to record beating highs.

As a national, proudly independent, company Clean Air operate their own warehouse. This means we can hold large air con stocks and command significant buying power. We are are also highly efficient in our systems and operations. The end result is that we are highly competitive on pricing. In fact we challenge you to find better value anywhere else!

Reduced Rate VAT for Domestic Air Conditioners

The good news is that the Government have recognised the importance of effective cooling and ventilation at home, and in particular for those air conditioners that are highly energy efficient. Their “energy efficiency material” scheme means, subject to qualification, VAT can be reduced from 20% to 5%. New build homes, of course, are likely to qualify for a zero VAT rating.

The “energy efficiency material” scheme applies to all residential and domestic air conditioning installations.  It also covers all manner of other HVAC related equipment that is considered energy efficient.

The scheme also include air conditioning maintenance, servicing, and repairs (subject to qualifying).

The types of residential accommodation that qualify for the reduced rate scheme include:

  • houses, blocks of flats or other dwellings
  • armed forces residential accommodation
  • children’s homes
  • homes providing care for the elderly, disabled people, or people who suffer or have suffered from drug or alcohol dependency or mental disorder
  • hospices
  • institutions that are the sole or main residence of at least 90% of their residents
  • monasteries, nunneries and similar religious communities
  • residential accommodation for students or pupils
  • self-catering holiday accommodation
  • caravans used as a place of permanent habitation
  • houseboats that are designed or adapted for permanent habitation and have no means of self-propulsion, on which the boat owner pays Council Tax or domestic rates

You can find out more about the scheme at the Governments website here