Domestic Air Conditioning Options


Air Conditioning to suit every room in your home

Indoor units that look beautiful…

There are indoor units to suit every room in your home. From living room to kitchen, bedroom to home office, home gym to pool room…

You will find some air conditioners that seek to make a statement and are very sleek and stylish. And others that aim to be more discrete, using ducts and ceiling vents to disguise their presence. They can be mounted high or low. Our experienced design engineers will help you choose what is right for you.

*Ducted units are best suited to new builds rather than as a retro-fit to domestic properties. It is not to say it cannot be done, but often the disruptive building work may make this a less appealing route. Air is directed to the outlets through insulated ducts, each of which can contain a damper to provide control of the air flow to individual rooms.

…and link to an outdoor unit

Installed systems usually comprise an outdoor unit. In this is a fan that connects to an indoor unit via two insulated pipes that contain a refrigerant, invariably R32 because it has a low Global Warming Potential.

Which air con system will suit me?

It is perhaps easiest to think of air conditioning systems for domestic properties in terms of the size of the system that is required. Also the flexibility with which it can be controlled to cool or warm individual rooms.

Simple – Recommended to air condition a single room

Simple but effective, a single high or low wall air conditioning unit linked an outdoor unit.

Larger – The usual air conditioning solution for the larger room, or up to 4 rooms

If you have more than one room, or a particularly large room, a split air conditioner may be the answer. Up to 4 indoor units are linked to a single outdoor unit. They all operate together. In other words they are all either on or off, and cooling or heating as one.

Largest – Multiple Room (>8 rooms) Air Conditioning – Efficient and Powerful

The next step up is the multi-split air conditioning system. A single outdoor unit can serve up to eight rooms.  Importantly, each indoor unit can be individually controlled to heat or cool each room to climate controlled perfection. This flexibility offers the ultimate comfort about the home.

Evaporative Cooling

Popular in homes in Australia, as temperatures soar in the UK so evaporative cooling is earning it’s place here too for domestic applications.

This form of air conditioning, which uses water rather than refrigerants, is now the default way to cool warehouses and factories in the UK. Clean Air were one of the very first to introduce it to these shores in 1989.  Indeed we have probably installed more evap cooling units in the UK than any other company. It is easy to see why. It is not just because we are great at what we do, which we are, but also because evap cooling units are such incredible things.

The first reason for this is that evaporative air conditioners are highly effective. Each evaporative unit can lower the temperature of 360 m2 by up to 16°C. And not only do you get cool air, but you also get fresh air ventilation. This is because evap coolers introduces a continual flow of filtered air from outside which displaces the hot and polluted air inside.

Secondly, they are very economical to run. From just a £1 per day and up to 80% cheaper than some of the older air conditioning systems.

Thirdly,  because they consume little power and use just fresh air and water, evap cooling is a very green way to keep your cool.

Portable Air Conditioning Units

We do not recommend portable air conditioners for many reasons. Often bulky, heavy units, they can also be noisy and inefficient. And having to keep your window or door open to ventilate the heat can really only be considered a temporary fix.


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