Evap Cooling


Clean Air were one of the first companies to introduce evaporative cooling to the UK. The rest is history. This technology is now firmly established as the most sensible and economical way to cool large open spaces like a warehouse or factory floor. In many cases it is also suitable for offices and close temperature controlled spaces like server rooms.

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Cutting temperatures and cutting complaints at Technicut…

Technicut Ltd, a UK market leader in the design, manufacture and supply of specialist rotary cutting tools, found that evaporative cooling was a genuinely cost-effective answer to its problems with soaring temperatures. Since Clean Air fitted the latest evaporative cooling technology at Technicut’s manufacturing facilities in Sheffield, summer temperatures in the machine shop have been reduced from a sweltering 32°C-plus to a comfortable 26°C.

In fact, so successful has the cooling been that the company aked for three additional coolers for other, less fiery, areas. In each area, roof-mounted evaporative coolers distribute a constant flow of naturally cooled air via strategically placed internal vents, targeting cooling precisely where it is needed. Programmable regulators use four different modes to control temperatures.

Temperature drop drastically improved conditions

Technocut’s Production Manager Peter Nield admits to a low-tech approach before calling in Clean Air. ‘We relied on opening doors and windows and using fans to create air movement. Even so, temperatures were unbearably hot and employees regularly complained. But since Clean Air installed the coolers we have seen a drop of between 6°C and 8°C, which has drastically improved conditions.’Technicut evaporative cooling

Evap cooling provides cool savings

Marie Wren, Managing Director of Clean Air Group, is pleased that the installation has enabled Technicut to enhance the health and comfort of Technicut’s employees while also saving energy.

‘Technicut has a policy of integrating health, safety and environmental considerations into all aspects of its business,’ she says. ‘Although Technicut’s primary concern was for the welfare of its employees, the energy saving costs of the evaporative system was a major factor in the company’s decision.’