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Split, Multi Split and VRF Air Conditioning for optimal climate control at work

The most familiar form of installed commercial air conditioning, a split, multi split and VRF air conditioner is the simple and effective choice to air condition one or more rooms.

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 Air Conditioning System Roof Mounted

Roof mounted air conditioning system, with VRF the sky’s the limit!

Office or data centre, shop or canteen, expert air conditioning begins here…

There really is no substitute for experience, expertise and a passion to do things better. Our split, muti split and VRF air conditioning units promise reliable and effective cooling power at a price that take some beating.

Split air con is the starting point…

These air conditioners are ideal for one room and form a ‘pair’ by connection to a single outdoor unit. It can be appropriate for smaller installations where roof or under floor space is limited and ducting is difficult.

Multi Split air conditioning 

Multi split air conditioners are used to serve several rooms and allow individual control of each indoor unit. Typically a single outdoor can power up to nine indoor units.

R22 ban in air conditioning for hvacThese units come in many different styles and sizes to suit each room and can be ducted, floor or ceiling mounted in a cassette style.

The energy consumption of one outdoor unit which powers a number of indoor units is much less than the sum of  a number of  units with individual splits, typically up to 35%. You will also save on the space needed for the outdoor units and easier installation.

Larger application? Think VRF

A vrf air conditioning system may be more appropriate, it provides the ultimate in energy efficiency and comfort throughout the year. Learn more here

What output does my Air Conditioner need to be?

To establish this you will need to know what the likely heat gain is in the space you wish to cool. For a quick, simple and approximate indication of what your heat load might be we have created a cooling calculator for you to get started on sizing your air conditioning system.

Other cool choices

A VRF system Takes air con to a new level…

Evaporative Cooling The most cost effective route to cooling warehouses, factories, offices and server rooms