Destrat Fans

Destratification Fans

So simple yet so effective, destratification fans equalize the air temperature throughout your premises to achieve cost savings of up to 50% for heating and 40% for cooling.

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Harness the heat…

With energy prices soaring, it makes sense to make the most of the heat that rises in your buildings, or the cool air that sinks to the floor. Destratification fans are the solution. They simply re-circulate the warm or cool air generated by your existing heating or air-conditioning systems, making sure it is evenly distributed from ceiling to floor, or from floor to ceiling.

Destratification fans are easy to install and require minimal maintenance, but though they are simple, they need expert design and implementation if they are to optimize efficiency and savings. That’s where Clean Air comes in.

Whatever the application — factory or warehouse, hangar or leisure centre, office or showroom — our experts can design and install a destratification ceiling fan that is integrated with your existing HVAC system and tailored to the specific needs of your premises.

The benefits of destratification fans

  • Up to 50% reduction in heating costs
  • Up to 40% reduction in cooling costs
  • Up to 40% reduction in carbon emissions
  • Costs from just £1 per month to run
  • Low capital costs with fast payback (often just 24 months)
  • Suitable for all premises with ceilings of between 3 metres and 30 metres
  • Simple, quiet and very low-maintenance
  • Fast and easy to install, with no ducting required
  • Helps reduce wear and tear on HVAC systems
  • Helps reduce internal condensation

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