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Clean Air Maintenance and Service Plans. Healthcare for HVAC to trust in.

To maintain optimum efficiency and reliability it is vital that air conditioning is maintained by HVAC experts who are diligent in their work and standards.

When a Clean Air engineer visits you can be assured that your plant is in safe, highly trained and qualified hands.

Service contract visit Overview


  1. Inspect all electrical connections and terminal covers
  2. Check compressor mountings
  3. Inspect all joints for signs of leaks
  4. Check operation of crankcase heater


  1. Brush, comb, clean condenser coil surface
  2. Inspect all coils for damage and corrosion
  3. Check fan motor mountings and guards
  4. Check condenser brackets are secure
  5. Inspect all pipe and electrical connections
  6. Log all gas pressures and electrical readings and temperatures within refrigeration system
  7. Check external drain for blockages
  8. Check operation of isolation switch
  9. Ensure all covers are correctly fitted

Air Handling Unit

  1. Check hanging mountings are secure
  2. Inspect all electrical connections and cable clamps
  3. Check motor mountings and fan bearings
  4. Clean or replace all filters
  5. Check pipe joints for signs of leaks
  6. Check controller for correct operation
  7. Check grille is secure


  1. Ensure all sensors are fitted securely
  2. Check operation of float switch
  3. Check hoses on all pumps
  4. Check all gravity systems for correct operation
  5. Ensure all condensate pumps are securely mounted
  6. Check any internal condensate pumps for operation


  1. Check all insulation for signs of deterioration
  2. Inspect all pipes and joints for leaks
  3. Ensure all insulated sleeves are secure
  4. Check all pipe clamps and brackets are secure


It’s about exceeding expectations, not just meeting them. This is an overview of what we do. Many items are standard service procedures, or at least should be. But it is just a start. What makes Clean Air different is that our expert engineers go the extra mile.They attend to many additional items simply because they are conscientious and have the experience to spot them. Items you might only ever know about if left unattended.


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