Commercial Boilers

High efficiency Hamworthy modular boilers in action

Hamworthy modular boilers in action

Today’s Commercial Boilers are highly energy efficient…

With our expertise you can look forward to saving money and helping the environment. We can design a system tailored to meet your specific heating and hot water needs, creating a fully integrated scheme that draws on our comprehensive range of wall-hung or floor-standing units. Correct specification is the key to future proofing.

Although matching the right unit to your requirements is essential, it is just the beginning. To achieve optimum performance and maximum energy savings, Clean Air engineers will design a complete system that takes into account such issues as optimal airflow balance and condensation management, and they will set up a control and diagnostic system to monitor and manage the installation.

Floor-standing commercial boilers

Floor-standing boilers — either condensing on non-condensing — can be supplied as independent units or may be combined in module ‘arrays’ to provide outputs of up to about 1050kW. With a range of high/low or fully modulating matched burners for natural gas firing, these high efficiency, high capacity units deliver robust and economical performance at a reduced cost to the environment.

Wall-hung commercial boilers

Convenient and smaller than traditional boilers, wall-hung condensing boilers can be used individually or be combined in multiples to provide an output each of between about 40kW and 150kW. They are also available with frames to make them floor-standing if necessary.

Some offer a condensing performance with up to 109% net seasonal efficiency. Natural gas or LPG-fired fully modulating burners will match building loads accurately and ensure efficient energy use. Where modules are combined, sophisticated controls can manage multiple boilers by using optimum sequencing and different temperature circuits (for example, underfloor, radiator or hot water) to meet demand efficiently.

Legislation? We’ve got it covered

All the products we specify meet Part L2A and L2B of the Building Regulations. Equally important, they also meet BREEAM nitric oxide (NOx) emission specifications, which are set to become increasingly important if, as expected, Building Regulations impose lower limits on NOx in the future.



Hamworthy modular condensing boilers

Hamworthy modular condensing boilers

Vaillant Ecotec high efficiency system boilers

Vaillant Ecotec high efficiency system boilers

Powrmatic destrat-fan

Destratification fans are often essential to save on energy costs

Hamworthy modular condensing boilers

Balancing flues and pipework for optimal efficiency