Is your heating a horror or happy ever after?

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How well do you look after your heating or cooling? Will it all end as a ‘halloween horror’ or be a tale of ‘happily ever after’?

Correct heating and cooling maintenance is something that deserves bigger headlines than it gets. Our blog this month seeks to address that, and, since it’s Halloween, we’ve a precautionary tale to tell. But be warned – parts will frighten you.

Are you sitting comfortably then we’ll begin…

Our Halloween story starts well enough, in fact as good as it can be. A company, Witches & Co., need a robust and capable climate control system for their broom stick production area. Their first decision is a good one, they have chosen the best heating and cooling engineers in their kingdom, Clean Air Group of course….

The right recipe for a better work environment

The air conditioning system that is specified represents a sizeable investment. But the good news is that what they are getting is the latest technological marvel. Also, it’s had the magic dust sprinkled on it by the Clean Air boffins in design, and now it has also received a top notch install too. 

The head sorcerers at Witches & Co. just know that it will deliver oodles of heating or cooling. And all whilst sipping so parsimoniously at the national grid that the financial wizards will begin to eat their pointy hats at sight of the minuscule energy bills. Happy days! Happy months! Happy years! Witches and Co. are proud owners of the most fabulous, energy efficient climate control system, designed and optimised for their premises and doing great things. In fact it is doing its job so well that very soon it’s forgotten about. You know the ‘if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’ philosophy. 

The years of neglect begin to show

destratification fanIt does not take a crystal ball to see what comes next in our Halloween tale. After a few years of neglect the problems begin to surface. The plant – so carefully specified and installed – starts to grumble; unhappy that it is not getting the essential maintenance it needs. It becomes temperamental and less efficient. The energy bills start to rise. It can’t be helped, a poorly performing air conditioning – or heating – system runs less efficiently and is likely to use more energy. A rise in day to day hvac running costs is inevitable.

A workplace that is hotter than hell

And then the real nightmare begins. The envitable breakdown occurs at Witches & Co. and, horror upon horror, there’s nothing to keep the production areas cool. The witch workers are not happy. It’s hardly surprising, the cauldron room has become an unbearably hot place to work. 

It’s now that the head sorcerers begin to realise the consequences of their neglect for their air conditioning plant. It has become very obvious that a heating or cooling breakdown can be a costly thing. 

It is not just the potential downtime to operations on the premises, it’s also the parts which the warranty may not now cover. Or the items that costs pennies to replace, but if they are not, can lead to far a mair con filterore costly repair later on. It really is a case of ‘a stitch in time, saves nine’. Of course, fault prevention is second nature to a good engineer, also the ability to troubleshoot effectively and spot potential problems early.

It is not surprising that manufacturers will not uphold warranties on inadequately maintained heating and cooling systems. Poor maintenance can increase wear and tear on components and lead to premature failures. 

The fall out continues

However it’s not just the capital costs that can add up. There’s also the human and process costs when a cooling, ventilation or heating system fails. For some businesses maintaining the right temperature is absolutely critical. From stock that requires a controlled environment, to staff whose productivity may be affected. Outside of the 16°C and 24°C comfort zone, stress levels can increase and performance decrease. Poor air quality can also lead to low morale and higher sickness rates. Take a look at the Clean Air research page for more on this. Or visit ACAS and the HSE websites, they have information on working temperatures and what is required to meet the latest regulatory standards.

Our tale concludes. Will it be ‘Happy Ever After’ or ‘Halloween Horror’?

And this is where our Halloween story could end. With disaster at Witches & Co. But we at Clean Air prefer a ‘happily ever after’ HVAC story. So where is the good news in this Halloween tale? Well it was at the beginning…  

The thing is that Witches and Co. had chosen the right HVAC engineers in the first place – the Clean Air Group. And OK, they did not take out a maintenance contract, and yes they stinted on the required servicing, but Clean Air were good people and they jumped at the chance to restore their beloved climate control system to full health again. 

And so with their air conditioning now repaired and lessons learnt, Witches & Co. now took out a very reasonably priced Maintenance Plan to ensure their cooling and heating plant would get the best healthcare it could. After all, a commercial climate control system is a sizeable investment that needs looking after. To stint on servicing and shorten life expectancy is quite simply a false economy.

And so ends our salutary Halloween tale. And OK it may seem that we have been a little over dramatic, but actually I’ve saved the most frightening part for last – because just remember this is a tale that is based on fact, not fiction…