The Three Golden Rules of Heating

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three golden rules of commercial heatingWe hope that your welcome back to the New Year has not been a frosty one thanks to a temperamental or poorly performing heating system. But if it has… well our blog this month offers three golden rules for when it comes to investing in commercial heating for your workplace. Highly efficient, powerful and robust, the latest generation of heaters offer lower running costs and fewer carbon emissions. Ultimately they should save you money through efficient running, reduce the risk of costly downtime and keep your staff or customers warm through the coldest spells.


It begins and ends here. Get it wrong at the design stage and the wrong system will always be exactly that – a costly mistake no matter what it cost to buy. Good design requires a thorough understanding of your buildings dynamics, volumes and thermal properties. Also a well defined brief. It is the responsibility of a diligent engineer to ask all the right questions to ensure your needs and aspirations are addressed. With this knowledge a system can then be designed to match the appropriate technologies to both building and client. It’s a skilled job, not least because there are numerous heating systems and technologies available. Experience and expertise are the best guarantee of the right selections, ones that will harness power and efficiency to best effect.


Be it a warm air blower, radiant tube heater, lpg or even bio mass boiler, energy efficiency is everything these days. An important accreditation to look for is a spot on the Energy Technology List ( The most common heaters are floor standing or suspended, and whilst they are often free blowing they can also be ducted. Energy efficient burners have the potential to deliver efficiencies up to 109% net. A wide variety of fuels exist, most commonly natural gas, LPG and oil. And remember, air conditioning units can heat as well as cool. Many are also on the ETL approved list. Again Clean Air will advise.


Good design is the foundation stone to effective heating, but without expert installation your plant will struggle to fulfil its true potential. Poor installation, set up or maintenance is the undoing of many a fine system. It is vital that the installation team know what they are doing. There’s no substitute for experience. An engineer with years of installations under their belt knows the nuances of units that newbies have yet to learn. They know how to set up and integrate diverse technologies, balance a system and then ensure everything is optimised to perform at its very best.