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evaporative cooling blog for factory or warehouse or officeRight now as the country recovers from the Beast of the East, facility managers are probably thinking more about heating than cooling in the workplace. However it won’t be long before the struggle will be to cool overheated premises and now is the time to get prepared.

For this reason our blog this week is about evaporative cooling. Clean, green and a fraction of the cost of air conditioning to install and run, this is the future for building cooling.

During our twenty five years in HVAC we have seen many new technologies. Some good, some bad and some absolutely exceptional. But few have been as revolutionary or important as evaporative cooling. It is a point of pride that Clean Air were one of the first HVAC companies in the UK to recognise how this simple technology would change the world of cooling – be it for factories, warehouses, offices, server rooms or sports centres.

Discover CoolBreeze

evaporative-cooling-in-actionWe recommend CoolBreeze because quite simply it does what it promises to (ring a bell with our own company ethos!?). Manufactured in Australia, the CoolBreeze QAD230 unit is the only evaporative cooler available in the UK that supports its performance figures with published BSRIA testing results.Our relationship has blossomed. Following incredible sales success we were awarded the sole distributorship in the UK for the brand. The units popularity is well deserved. Reliable, super effcicient and with simply outstanding performance, the QAD230 takes evaporative cooling to the next generation in HVAC technology. A single unit can lower internal temp of 360m2 by up to 16°C. By using approximately 80% less power than traditional air conditioning it can cost from just £1 a day to run. It supplies a constant flow of naturally cooled 100% fresh air and can happily be used with the doors and windows open< Installation costs per unit start at just £6000+VAT.

The advantage of 20 years experience in evaporative cooling

The story began back in 1998 with our first installation. Since then we have perhaps installed more evaporative cooling units than any other HVAC company in the UK. Our headstart has given us advantages. Not least has been the opportunity to work with various manufacturers and make truely informed decisions. Nine years ago this culminated in our choice of CoolBreeze as our preffered manufacturer.

Did you know?

A NASA study found that at an effective temperature of 85 degrees there was an 18% loss in work output and a 40% loss in accuracy. The Occupational Safety & Health Administration also suggest a work environment with a high temp can reduce productivity by up to 20 mins in every hour.

QAD230 evap cooling technical brochure