air conditioning for stadiums warehouses and sports venues
  It’s been a stormy year for international relations with Russia. Allegations of spies and dramatic poisonings flew as fast as a persona non grata diplomat could hurry to the airport. Surely things could only get better. Well maybe, many will now hope that this is the opportunity to build bridges and foster
clean air air pollution and ventilation
  June 20th is National Clean Air Day! It is the chance to engage and motivate thousands of people and businesses to think about we can all do to tackle air pollution. OK, no, it’s not a day named in honour of Clean Air Group. But, yes, we still want to shout long and hard
mitsubishi lossnay heat recovery and ventilation
  Our blog this month is all about ventilation and heat recovery. Critical stuff. Why? Well for ventilation read  ‘a comfortable workplace’  (or ‘productive place to be’). And for heat recovery read  ‘energy efficiency’ (or ‘lower bills’). Why ventilate and the problem with highly insulated buildings We all know the importance of good insulation. It’s an
three golden rules of commercial heating
We hope that your welcome back to the New Year has not been a frosty one thanks to a temperamental or poorly performing heating system. But if it has… well our blog this month offers three golden rules for when it comes to investing in commercial heating for your workplace. Highly
heating or cooling halloween maintenance
  How well do you look after your heating or cooling? Will it all end as a ‘halloween horror’ or be a tale of ‘happily ever after’? Correct heating and cooling maintenance is something that deserves bigger headlines than it gets. Our blog this month seeks to address that, and, since it’s