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  It’s been a stormy year for international relations with Russia. Allegations of spies and dramatic poisonings flew as fast as a persona non grata diplomat could hurry to the airport. Surely things could only get better. Well maybe, many will now hope that this is the opportunity to build bridges and foster
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  The 21 June was National Clean Air Day! OK, no, it’s not a day named in honour of Clean Air Group. But, yes, we still want to shout long and hard about it. You see this is a day that improves public understanding of air pollution both indoors and outdoors, and how it has an
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  The weeks blog is about #WorldEnvironmentDay – it was on 5 June and was a day to encourage worldwide awareness and action for the protection of our environment. Each year there is a new theme and host country. This year it is #BeatPlasticPollution and our host is India, who have already made a great start by banning
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  Our blog this month is all about ventilation and heat recovery. Critical stuff. Why? Well for ventilation read  ‘a comfortable workplace’  (or ‘productive place to be’). And for heat recovery read  ‘energy efficiency’ (or ‘lower bills’). Why ventilate and the problem with highly insulated buildings We all know the importance of good insulation. It’s an
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Right now as the country recovers from the Beast of the East, facility managers are probably thinking more about heating than cooling in the workplace. However it won’t be long before the struggle will be to cool overheated premises and now is the time to get prepared. For this reason our blog
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If you have been affected by the Beast from the East you may well believe the analysts who estimate it has cost the economy £1bn a day. At Clean Air we know all to well the cost of the cold. It’s not just enforced downtime caused by unreliable or inadequate heating that costs. Employees find it difficult