You know that noise. The frenetic whirr of the fan on your laptop as it kicks in to save your precious data from component meltdown. Now imagine the server room for an office block, or larger still a complete data centre filled to capacity with power hungry, heat generating computers. 
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  It’s a big claim. Choose a Mitsubishi Diamond Quality Partner (DQP) and get a cooling or heating contractor who’ll beat the best in the business.  But then DQP is a difficult club to belong to. Such a partnership is only awarded to an elite few who can demonstrate that they
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Right now as the country recovers from the Beast of the East, facility managers are probably thinking more about heating than cooling in the workplace. However it won’t be long before the struggle will be to cool overheated premises and now is the time to get prepared. For this reason our blog
school air conditioning
  The Alice Cooper classic  “Schools are out for summer!” is ringing out across the country! And it is not a moment too soon! Any classrooms without adequate cooling have been literally sizzling in the heatwave. And unfortunate students have been sweltering in the heat, baffled perhaps at met office advice to find a cool spot indoors!
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  On the 21st June it was National Clean Air Day! OK, no, it’s not a day named in honour of Clean Air Group. But, yes, we still want to shout long and hard about it. You see this is a day that improves public understanding of air pollution both indoors and outdoors, and how it
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  It’s been a stormy year for international relations with Russia. Allegations of spies and dramatic poisonings flew as fast as a persona non grata diplomat could hurry to the airport. Surely things could only get better. Well maybe, many will now hope that this is the opportunity to build bridges and foster