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High efficiency boilers and heat recovery units have proved a great success at Sailstore. The new systems delivers just what the accountants and the workforce require: cost effective climate control and a comfortable workplace.

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Sailstore on the right tack…

Clean Air was commissioned by Sailstore to install a low-pressure hot water system into three new NHS buildings.

The right solution was found in four Vaillant Ecotec high efficiency system boilers installed with low loss
headers connected to a variety of standard and low surface temperature radiators. The condensing boilers use a heat exchanger to pre-heat the water from the flue gasses and so are highly energy efficient. The system is capable of delivering high volumes of hot water to multiple outlets with an annual seasonal efficiency exceeding 90%.

Heat recovery for ventilation and cost savings

In addition a Mitsubishi Lossnay Heat Recovery was installed. This highly efficient, energy and environment saving marvel of engineering extracts stale air and uses recovered energy from temperature differentials to heat or cool incoming fresh air. In addition to reducing energy costs the Lossnay system can save up to 30% on initial capital costs for cooling and heating plant.

The systems have proved a great success, and will provide robust and economical heating and ventilation for years to come.