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Clean Air have probably installed more evaporative coolers than any other HVAC company in the UK. This means that no matter what the evap cooling system size or application we will have the experience to ensure that it does the job that you require efficiently, effectively and reliably.

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Dormer Tools gives heat treatment the cold shoulder…

Dormer Tools is one of the world’s largest producers of high-speed steel cutting tools. When its Managing Director, Terry Allison, asked us to undertake a site survey at the company’s premises in East Sussex, we calculated that 22 coolers would be needed to provide evaporative cooling throughout the 5,000 square-metre production facility.

The factory has two main areas, one dedicated to grinding machinery and the other to heat treatment, where summer temperatures regularly exceeded 30°C despite the installation of roof vents and fresh air fans.

After an initial trial with a single cooler in the heat treatment area, we installed six more evaporative cooling units with strategically placed internal vents to inject fresh, cooled area to the hot spots around the furnaces. We plan to install 15 more to cover the whole of the production facility. Dormer Tools is delighted with the results, and so are we.

‘The evaporative cooling system has reduced temperatures in the heat treatment plant by around 8°C to 10°C’, said Martin Monaghan, Dormer Tools’ Project Engineer. ‘It has made a tremendous difference to our workforce; now the rest of the workers are asking when their area can be fitted with the units.’

‘Providing cooling for workers in industrial environments to improve productivity and reduce absenteeism from heat stress has previously been perceived as financially prohibitive’ says Marie Wren, Clean Air Group’s Managing Director. ‘But now many companies are turning to evaporative cooling because they see that it really does provide a cost-effective solution for cooling large areas.’