Biomass Boilers

Biofuels are the natural choice for eco-friendly heating

That’s because, since they use wood-based products instead of fossil fuels, they are classed as carbon-neutral: the biomass they burn, such as wood pellets, chips or logs, gives off the same amount of CO2 as it absorbed when it was growing. And with fossil fuel costs rising all the time, biomass really can be the most cost-effective solution. This is particularly true if you rely upon oil at present.

Amazing FIT tariffs for business users

At this moment the government have very strong incentives for installing biomass boilers. They won’t be around forever so please call for more information. We will be pleased to advise you on the suitability of using biomass in your premises and, as always, make a bespoke costing and savings calculation for your particular situation.


Wood pellets, straw, there are many fuel options

From wood pellets to straw, there are many fuel options


Biomass Boilers are the number one way of achieving your carbon emission targets, but don’t forget the amazing FIT tariff incentives