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Single Unit Air Conditioning

'Through the wall or window' units are simply one complete system in a box. For this reason they can be bulky, unattractive and noisy - though modern designs are much improved. They are only suited to small spaces and it is very rare for us to recommend or install such units.

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For instant air conditioning, window or wall units are available that combine the indoor and condenser sections into one package. The benefit is that they are easily installed and provide refreshing, freely adjustable cool air at the touch of a button.

Through the wall or window ac units are the cheapest of all air conditioning systems and are popular in domestic use (sometimes small offices) for spaces up to about 300 square foot. Installation simply requires a slot in a wall or window and a space that extends if a few feet inorder  that hot air and collected dew can be expelled from the the condenser.

Inside the one box you will find the usual components of an air conditioner such as motor, condenser, compressor and expansion valve or coil, and the evaporator or the cooling coil. A blower draws hot air from the room and sending it over the cooling coil and over refrigerant gas flowing through the condenser. Cool air is then returned to the room.